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Programming For Week Of 06/10/24

This week on Building A Solid Foundation [BASF]:

“The Love Of The Father – Part 2”

This week on The Life Of Christ [LIFE]:

“Jesus Christ’s Resurrection Ministry As High Priest For Us”

This week on Studies In The Scriptures [SITS]:

“Ecclesiastes – The Wisdom Of Life – Part 4”

This week on Understanding The New Covenant [NC]:

“The Gospel Of Luke – Parts 20 & 21”

This week on Ministering To The Lord & Our Priesthood [MTTL]:

“Ministering To The Lord Volume 4”

This week on Growing In The Grace & Knowledge Of Jesus Christ [GROW]:

“The Life Is In The Son”

This week on Help For The Hard Times [HELP]:

“Learning How To And Why To Accept Yourself – Part 2”

This week on Featured Retreat Of The Week [RET]:

“In The Presence Of Father, Son & Spirit”

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