Looking For The Testimony Of Jesus

“The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”
Revelation 19:10

The spirit, the purpose, of all prophecy throughout Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, is “the testimony of Jesus.”

Every word uttered by God has It’s ultimate goal being that of testifying and revealing Christ to us and to this world.

Let us gratefully approach and read the whole of God’s word in this same simple and direct way.

Let us receive and understand this beautiful truth; that “the spirit” of every word and prophecy in Scripture is specifically and ultimately given so that you and I might live in a continual state of transformation as we behold “the testimony of Jesus” throughout God’s word.

When we read all Scripture this way, actively looking for the Testimony of Jesus, guess what? God shows up! Jesus begins to testify of Himself to us through every book and chapter of Scripture.

God’s word becomes much more enlivened for us, by His Spirit, specifically into our daily bread of life, Jesus Christ, as we see and receive the testimony of Jesus from all prophecy and Scripture.

Thank Your Lord that we are blessed to see You in all of the Scriptures. Hallelujah!