Bringing The Words of God To The Word Of God

“You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me”
John 5:39

The religious experts of Jesus’ day had made a big mistake in their approach to Scripture.

They thought that life was received in the understanding of the words.

But the words were lifeless without the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

Jesus told them that the Scriptures testified of Him.

The casual reader may not see this, but the true seeker of God knows that we must bring God’s words to God, to THE Word of God, Jesus our Christ

We read the Scriptures correctly, in the true light and Spirit of God, when we see them as a continuous testimony of Jesus Christ.

When we bring the Scriptures that we are reading to Him, to our living, resurrected, and indwelling Savior, then His light, wisdom, and spirit fills us with the true life and understanding of God’s Word, of Christ Himself.

Beloved child of God, this day now and forevermore, let all of the Scriptures testify to you of Jesus Christ. Yes, bring the Scriptures you read to Him so that you may have light and life indeed through the living and abiding Word of God, Jesus Christ Himself! Hallelujah!