Jesus Puts The Life In His Word

“And you are unwilling to come to Me so that you might have life”
John 5:40

Our Savior spoke these words to religious leaders who conscientiously studied Scripture, but missed the point of Scripture.

The goal of their study seemed to be the knowledge of doctrine and theology for it’s own sake. But there was no life in that at all.

Jesus showed them the next step, which they should have been taking, with their search of Scripture. He said that they should bring the word they have studied to Him so that they might then, at that moment, have life.

Praise God, for we are not “unwilling” to come to Jesus. We most definitely have come to Jesus Christ our Savior.

So let us keep coming to Him, God’s Living Word, when we are in the Scriptures.

Let us read God’s word in the light of the presence and knowledge of Jesus our Christ. Let us bring the words we read to Him Who lives inside of us, He Who guides us throughout each day as our Good Shepherd. Let us come to Him with all of the Scripture we read so He may give us life.

God’s word remains lifeless and dormant, in an un-quickened state, until we bring God’s words to God’s Word, Jesus Christ. God’s words, seen in God’s light, equals daily bread and bread of life given to us, each and every time we read or consider His Word in His Own Presence. Hallelujah!